Kurze Spanischkurse: Wann benutzen wir den Konjunktiv 1 im Spanischen?

Wir benutzen den Konjunktiv 1 für Situationen , die real und möglich sind. Die Sätze beginnen immer mit der Konjunktion Wenn. Wir benutzen die Sätze in folgenden Situationen: 1. Si+ Indikativform Presente/ Gegenwart+ Indikativform Presente/ Gegenwart:„si duermes la siesta, recuperas energía“ y „si voy, te mando un WhatsApp“ (Wenn du eine Pause machst, bekommst du Energie und wenn ich gehe , schicke ich dir eine WhatsApp Nachricht). 2. Si+Indikativform Presente/Gegenwart+Zukunft: „Si trabajo el sábado, no podré ir“ (Wenn ich Samstag arbeite, werde ich nicht gehen können). 3. Si+Indikativform Presente/ Gegenwart+ Imperatif: „Si vienes, escríbeme pronto“ (Wenn du kommst, schreibe mir).

Spanisch lernen mit der Taronja Schule

Mit unseren Spanischkursen kannst du deine mündliche Ausdrucksfähigkeit verbessern und auf spielerische Art und Weise lernen, wie wir Spanier sind.

Was sagen unsere Schüler über unsere Spanischkurse?

Dies sind einige der Meinungen unserer Schüler. Sie geben uns die Preise!

Kurze Spanischkurse: Wann benutzen wir den Konjunktiv 1 im Spanischen? 2
Vince Platts
After being with Taronja for a couple of years now online I decided to take the plunge and do their immersion course in Valencia, which, for a 54 year old, filled me with apprehension !! I have to say it’s one of the best things I’ve done to progress and improve my Spanish, the schools new location was ideal situated at the edge of the old town near the Turia park. The facilities in the building and classrooms were excellent with information screens, whiteboards and air conditioning also there is great chill out space on the ground floor to relax in !! The standard of teaching was excellent with varied topics and wide ranging conversations and discussions with time taken to explain things if you weren’t quite sure or needed clarification on vocabulary or grammar. I had 4 teachers in total, including the conversational workshops, and I can’t praise them enough, they were all absolutely fantastic. I must also give special mentions to the reception and activities teams who were friendly, professional, helpful and a joy to deal with on a daily basis with nothing being too much trouble. All in all a fantastic experience one which I hope to repeat in the future.. Well done Taronja ☺️
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yazmin hunter
I came to Taronja on a friends recommendation and I am so glad that I did! I only did one week intensive and am already signing up to do more lessons. The classes are interesting and fun. The teachers are enthusiastic. Also the daily activities are really well organised. Fully recommend for anyone - no questions asked 🙂
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Guido Balestri
Best language school ever. Try it, you'll never be disappointed.
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Ezeruom Ugwu
Nice and cool to be here, am a filmmaker learning Spanish at the moment, am finding it interesting already.....
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4 star rating
un lugar donde ¡puedes sobresalir! Mi segunda estancia con Taronja solo duró una semana, pero, de nuevo, me di cuenta de que la calidad de los profesores (en mi caso, las profesoras, Desiré y Sara) es muy buena. Estaban dedicadas y profesionales.Tanto los profesores como los administradores son siempre muy amables. Intentan ayudarte y apoyarte todos los días. Y lo mejor, tienen paciencia y llevan una sonrisa. Muchísimas gracias a todos y por todo.
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Linda KH
I took classes at Taronja for three weeks in October and can highly recommend the school. I cannot imagine there being a better school. I scouted for months before making the decision and was so glad I had chosen Taronja. There are several points which make it such a good school. - the highly motivated and friendly teachers - there effort at getting everyone to speak Spanish only, which of course speeds up your acqusition of the language - the extracurricular activities are not only interesting, but help increase your language skills and keep you busy (if you are alone, it's nice to have something to keep you active especially the first week when you don't know your way around yet) I will definitely take more classes here. I recommend saving yourself all the time needed for researching the internet. You have made the right decision with Taronja! My greetings to everyone there. Linda
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